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Deodorant: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Due to the below challenges, I embarked on a journey to learn and create a new and better deodorant.  I desired to make a better product not only for myself but also for the family and friends around me that needed an effective deodorant

According to, deodorant hit the market around 1888. Prior to 1888, people used herbs, perfumes, scented waxes, to mask odor and absorb sweat. Have you ever heard of the first deodorant Mum and the first antiperspirant Ever-dry? Ever-dry contained aluminum chloride. Many deodorants on the retail shelves today contain aluminum chloride as an active ingredient which causes burning in many users. Let’s not forget Ban, one of the first deodorants to include an antiperspirant and Right Guard included the first aerosol deodorant.

Deodorants and the Effects on Skin

Itching, stinging and burning only name a few side effects of Aluminum Chloride. Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrate or (AZT) is another active ingredient that deodorants may use. AZT increases chances of breast cancer as well as the ingredient, Paraben. Parabens act as a preservative but have weak estrogen-like properties. Due to nicks in the skin from shaving under the arms ladies chances of developing breast cancer increases. These ingredients absorb through very small cuts and can affect cellular structure causing tumors. 

Natural Deodorants

Due to a more health-conscious society, the demand for not only a deodorant without harsh ingredients but an effective deodorant as well screams importance. Even with natural deodorants complaints array. How can that be? It is natural, right? Yes, yet some natural deodorants use baking soda as their main active ingredient to prevent odor. Some people can tolerate baking soda but many cannot. Baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate cleans and deodorizes. Baking soda neutralizes odors by breaking down the compounds of odor-causing bacteria affecting pH levels and neutralizing those level back to a normal level to restore a fresh scent. Heat can change the chemical compound in baking soda causing an acid-base imbalance thereby increasing alkalinity causing skin irritation.

  Normal skin pH for a human is 4.5 to 6.5 with 5.5 being optimal. Human skin tends to be a bit more acidic due to sweat. Those that obtain skin irritation from deodorants containing baking soda are the ones where a chemical reaction occurs between the baking soda and their body heat with sweat, increasing the acidity levels in the armpits causing a burning sensation. Again, a normal human skin pH is between 4.5 to 6.5.  Anything over 6.5 will be too acidic causing varying levels of irritation to the skin. The increased heat, sweat, with friction from baking soda has proven to be very painful for some people. Some other common complaints about natural deodorants besides skin irritation has included that it is not long-lasting requiring several applications, it is not effective against sweat, or stains clothing. 

What’s Good

There are several kinds of butter used in natural deodorant formulations. Shea butter is one commonly used. Some benefits of Shea butter are that it is moisturizing, reduces inflammation, is anti-aging, anti-free radical producing, restores elasticity, reduces shave bumps, along with reducing blemishes. Other kinds of butter that you may find in natural deodorants include cocoa, coconut, mango to name a few.


My personal testimony is that I have tried a few natural deodorants. Both deodorants had baking soda but neither irritated me. One of the deodorants did not last long to prevent sweat or odor. The other deodorant was effective against odor with sweat protection but the feel of it was very gritty. Though the hard pellets eventually melted, I did not like to texture of that deodorant.  

 I studied and made several trial batches and formulated a very effective, smooth, non-irritating, long-lasting, natural deodorant. It does not contain any aluminum, parabens, or baking soda. It contains natural kinds of butter, shea being one of them with essential oils for fragrance. My technique and formulation utilize natural ingredients that work with the body’s natural function to prevent odor, sweat, and gives long-lasting protection. I have received awesome feedback from family and friends so now I am able to make my natural deodorant available for the public. It is in the packaging stages with web store building in progress. The deodorant will soon be available online.  Look out for the availability of the product and social media links on this platform and make sure to follow my Pinterest.